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  • 6 ways we're letting our soil die - and how we can save it
    [released on: 17/07/2018]
    Unless you're an avid gardener, you probably don't give much thought to soil. It's that dark muddy stuff that dirties your shoes. But farmers are utterly reliant on it to grow most of our food crops and to raise livestock on pasture it nurtures.
  • Vegetable gardens against climate change
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    When the rain comes too late or not at all, it can be a matter of life and death for Mali's farmers. Vegetable gardens with smart irrigation can save them.
  • Sustainable Styles Sparkle at UN High Level Forum
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    New York City is a magnet for America's fashion designers, but fashion hasn't been a feature in the sober halls of United Nations headquarters. That changed this week as the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development held its annual meeting there.
  • Plastic poses biggest threat to seabirds in New Zealand waters, where more breed than elsewhere
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    Plastic pollution has the potential to cause the worst damage to seabirds in the seas around Aotearoa New Zealand, where many of them come to feed and breed.
  • Climate change has come to your neighborhood, and the sizzle may never subside
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    A colleague once observed, many years ago, that California has two seasons. Green and brown. We are in the latter, and death has visited my neighborhood this summer. Half the ground cover in my frontyard has burned to a crunchy crisp. Across the street, a neighbor draped white sheets over shrubbery that hadn't already gone brittle.
  • Thanks to climate change, Qatar's winter World Cup could become the new normal
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    After four weeks of fanfare, the 2018 World Cup has come to a close. France's victory in Sunday's final marked the end of a summer filled with thrilling victories, surprise defeats, national pride (and disappointment), penalty kick-induced panic and many other emotions associated with soccer.
  • The quiet climate revolution taking place in Spain's Balearic Islands
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    Climate change is doom and gloom. But the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera are demonstrating how much can be done. ROSALINDA MUCH investigates Here in the Balearics, perhaps what is most exciting of all is the very inclusive nature of what is happening. Not only those living on the islands but by default, the world at large will benefit. The future of the Paris Agreement is unclear - with President Trump's stance uncertain. Molly Scott Chatto and Jacube Dalunde MEPs proposed in The Ecologist the need for a European Climate Law - but law making is a slow and arduous process.
  • HLPF Side Event Addresses Aligning Aichi Biodiversity Targets with 2030 Agenda
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    On Monday, 16 July 2018, on the sidelines of the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the Government of France and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Secretariat organized a side event focused on the importance of biodiversity conservation and healthy ecosystems to human livelihoods and well-being.
  • [Commentary] CBD: Can the cure kill?
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) celebrated 25 years of coming into force this year. "Celebrating 25 years of action for biodiversity" was the theme for the International Day of Biological Diversity on May 22. Yes, it is the silver jubilee year and for majority of conservationists it is the time for celebration!
  • Welcome to the Meghalayan Age - a new phase in history
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    The official history of Earth has a new chapter - and we are in it. Geologists have classified the last 4,200 years as being a distinct age in the story of our planet. They are calling it the Meghalayan Age, the onset of which was marked by a mega-drought that crushed a number of civilisations worldwide.
  • Just Imagine: What if the best briefs come from nature?
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    Did you ever wonder what pulsed jet propulsion and jellyfish have in common? For that matter, lithium batteries and pomegranate seeds? While most of us haven't sat around contemplating those connections with nature, there's a trove of new designers and entrepreneurs who are doing just that, and their research could transform the way we design our future world.
  • When Nature Is The Inspiration
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    Take a walk through the Borivli national park with a biomimicry consultant to explore how designs found in nature hold the solution to modern-day challenges
  • Green sea turtle digging its own watery grave due to invasion of non-native seagrass
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    A seagrass species from the Red Sea is outcompeting the native seagrass species in the Caribbean, where the green sea turtle lives. These iconic turtles are seeing their grazing areas decline, because they have little interest in the foreign seagrass. Wageningen researchers and colleagues from other research institutions discovered how these large underwater grazers seem to dig their watery grave with their own eating behaviour. The Journal of Ecology for this week reports on the topic.
  • State of the Polar Oceans 2018 published
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    In a new report published this week scientists from leading UK and Norwegian research institutions highlights the urgency to further investigate the least understood regions on Earth.
  • Ecuador's colonial past 'written in soil'
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    The arrival of European settlers in Ecuador had a profound effect on the country's population and environment. This is according to new findings from The Open University. Researchers studying soil cores from the Quijos valley found that they revealed a detailed story of the area's history after Spanish settlers arrived in the 1500s
  • Keeping up with sea-level rise
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    Maintaining a balance between rising sea levels and soil accumulation will rely on careful management of coastal regions.Soil accumulation in coastal ecosystems could mitigate rising sea levels around the Arabian Peninsula, according to new research from KAUST. However, this mitigation will require efforts to preserve and restore these ecosystems.
  • Indigenous peoples are crucial for conservation - a quarter of all land is in their hands
    [released on: 18/07/2018]
    Indigenous peoples have a deep and unique connection to the lands they inhabit. This connection has persisted throughout the world, despite centuries of colonisation, displacement and suppression of their cultural identities.