Glossary Folder Ecosystem integrity and Ecosystem goods and services

Glossary element Health and well-being of humans
Glossary element Fragmentation of natural and semi-natural areas
Glossary element Marine Trophic Index
Glossary element Nutrients in transitional, coastal and marine waters
Glossary element Biodiversity and tourism
Glossary element Water quality of freshwater ecosystems
Glossary element Biodiversity for food and medicine
Glossary element Fragmentation of river systems
Name translations
Language Translations
Dutch Integriteit van ecosystemen en ecosysteemdiensten
English Ecosystem integrity and Ecosystem goods and services
French Intégrité des écosystèmes et biens et services dérivés des écosystèmes
German Intaktheit von Ökosystemen und Ökosystemleistungen
Romanian Integritatea ecosistemelor și bunurile și serviciile ecosistemelor